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What We Provide

At Lyfe Changing Solutions we provide a 6 step process that hits every time. We have a 100% success rate with this process and our clients rave about its simplicity and effectiveness.

1. FREE Consultation

Our consultations are 100% FREE! We are a family and want to get to know you and your financial troubles and goals.

4. Credit Rebuilding

We call this the fun part! We rebuild your credit profile and you start to see your credit score increase exponentially.

2. Credit Audit

All of our clients are set up with credit monitoring to protect you identity and credit profile while we're rebuilding your credit.

5. Credit Review

When the deal is done! After we've reached your credit goals, we have a final review to go over your credit profile.

3. Strategic Planning

Each credit profile is different. We provide a custom financial plan for every client to address any issues to better reach your goals.

6. Financial Planning

We don't just stop when we've reached your goals. We show you how to plan for your financial future with our other programs.

We Specialize In Removing EvicitionsReposessionsBankruptciesLate PaymentsCharge-OffsCollections

We haven’t been met with a derogatory mark on a credit report that we couldn’t get removed. Each credit profile is different, but with our years of credit experience, we have a 100% success rate!

Credit Advisor

All of our clients get a custom roadmap to repairing their financial status curated by our experts with years of credit experience dealing with the credit bureaus.

Credit Consulting

We deal in all things credit. Before we do anything, we meet with every client to see what their goals are so we can best provide a solution.

Financial Planing

We don't just stop at increasing your credit score, but we also provide financial planning free of charge. We only want to see you become financially free.

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General Question

Our Credit Specialists have over 10 years of experience in the credit industry. This experience gives us tons of methods to use when dealing with negative items on any credit report. Be assured that we will find a solution to your unique credit profile.
The first step in our process is to book a free consultation. During your free consultation, we'll explain exactly how we can help you and the next steps in the process.